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Meet the mini-pony who loves picking up litter with his owner

“He knows when he sees me coming with the shopping bags that we are going out and gets excited."



By Ellie Forbes via SWNS

This adorable Shetland Pony goes litter picking with its owner – and gets excited when it sees the trash bags coming out.

Georgie Craig and Pumpkin. (SWNS)

Pumpkin the pony, aged 21, has been going out with Georgina Craig for two years, helping to carry bags of trash across his saddle.

Mom-of-two Georgina, from Edinburgh, Scotland, said Pumpkin loves going for a trot outside his field and takes two shopping bags which she fills with litter.

Georgina picks up the trash while Pumpkin walks in front - but she said the 220kg pony has perfect recall and canters back when asked so she can fill the bags.

Playful Pumpkin, who stands at 38inches, was initially wary of the bags on his saddle but Georgina said he loves it now and gets excited to go out.

The pair go out once a month along a cycle path and Georgina puts Pumpkin on a long leash if it gets busy or they are near a road.

Georgie Craig and Pumpkin, her twenty-two-year-old Shetland pony, who pick up litter together. (SWNS)

Retired Georgina said: “I started taking him out for a walk to give him a bit of exercise and something for him to do outside of the field.

“I was litter picking and I thought why am I carrying these heavy bags when I have a pony who could help me with it.

“He carries two bags across his saddle.

“Initially he was a bit wary but now he seems to like it very much.

“He got used to it quickly and loves getting treats when we are out walking.

“He trots around, it’s better than being stuck in the field all the time.

“He knows when he sees me coming with the shopping bags that we are going out and gets excited about going for a walk and getting some treats.

“His recall is very good, better than a lot of dogs you see.

“If the cycle path is quiet, he will just trot on in front of me and I call him back when I need to get the litter into the bags.

“He will canter right back when I call, stand beside me, and wait until he gets a bit of carrot.

“If we are near a road or other people I have him on a long leash.”

Pumpkin loves going for a trot outside on their litter picking adventures. (SWNS)

Georgina said there is much more litter around today than 40 years ago and mostly picks up cans, plastic bottles, and snack wrappers people have dumped.

She said people love seeing Pumpkin trotting down the path but that the cheeky pony likes to get into their pockets to fish for treats.

She said: “There is a lot more litter around today, especially plastic, I don’t remember seeing that much around 40 years ago.

“Plastic, crisp packets, chocolate wrappers, they are so light and just blow around, but they are pretty much indestructible.

“That is the stuff I mostly see when we are out, as well as cans, plastic bottles.

“I think that’s the stuff people just tend to throw out the car window.

“I can easily fill the two bags we go out with, there is enough litter around.

“When people see Pumpkin they will say ‘oh how cute!'

“He is very cheeky and playful.

“He loves to get petted by people when we are out but he does like to get into jackets and pockets to look for treats.”

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