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Driver shocked by PHEASANT trying to hop on board his bus

The cheeky pheasant didn't want to get off the bus.



Berti the pheasant and Liberty Bus driver Miguel. (LibertyBus / SWNS)

By Amy Reast via SWNS

A bus driver got a shock when a cheeky PHEASANT attempted to board.

The LibertyBus driver Miguel, who was on a St Helier route in Jersey, was stunned by the bird.

(LibertyBus / SWNS)

Affectionately named Bertie, the unusual passenger even sat down to take a ride.

The cheeky pheasant didn't want to get off the bus - and had to be coaxed off.

But not before patient driver, Miguel stopped to snap a quick selfie with the unusual passenger.

A LibertyBus spokesperson said: "Bertie didn't realize we have an NBOB (No Birds on Board) policy and refused to alight the bus.

"Thankfully, our brave driver managed to coax Bertie to the front of the bus and escorted him safely back onto the road to make his own way to Town.

"Bertie was apparently trying to make it to the Royal Yacht to meet his friends."

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