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New perfumes and fragrances could be created from orange peels



Orange fruit with orange slices and leaves isolated on white background.
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By Gwyn Wright via SWNS

New perfumes and fragrances could be created from orange peel, according to scientists.

As the citrus fruits are peeled they spray a tangy, citrus scented oil into the air.

The main compound in fragrance mist- a type of body oil- is limonene, which can be collected from discarded peel and used in flavorings and even all-purpose cleaners.

Now, scientists have mixed it with electricity and ethanol to make new pleasant aromas, many of which have never been discovered before.

Limonene is often used in its original form, but it can also be the starting platform for other scents.

Synthetic oxidation techniques that can make fragrances out of the compound have traditionally required environmentally harmful substances, such as strong chemicals and heavy metals.

The new process - which is environmentally-friendly – created a nice-smelling amber liquid as well as 17 compounds with herbal, citrus, fruity and resinous notes.

The German researchers say it is the first time most of these smells have ever been discovered.

The study's corresponding author Holger Zohn from Justus Liebig University Giessen said: "The aim of this study was to isolate and to structurally characterize the new aroma compounds prepared in a sustainable way by means of electrochemical oxidation of terpenes.

"This method has an enormous potential to expand the spectrum of currently known and available aroma compounds."

They need to be tested for safety before being used in perfumes or flavorings, the researchers cautioned.

The findings were published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

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