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Makeup master’s mindblowing transformations into famous film characters

What Chris does is more technical than many may assume.

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By Leo Black via SWNS

A man creates mind-blowing makeup looks turning himself into TV characters such as Mr. Bean, Jack Sparrow, Freddie Mercury and even a chilling version of Pennywise.

Chris Peck, 28, does realistic makeup looks inspired by TV and movies and not only paints his face but also his entire body and spends up to 10 hours at a time creating looks.

He has been developing his skills over the last four years before he moved to the social media app TikTok, where his videos have gone viral.

Chris now has 2.6 million followers and his videos have received over 50 million likes and takes recommendations from his followers - but he won't do any old character.

He said: "There are characters which I’d rather not paint because I know it will just look horrendously cursed.

"For instance, I’ve avoided painting Sonic the Hedgehog, because my eyes just aren’t that big, and my face isn’t shaped like a hedgehog."

What Chris does is more technical than many may assume.

Chris, from Coventry, England added: “Like any artwork, it’s about layering up. You don’t start a canvas from the top left-hand corner and paint a perfect picture from left to right.

"You start with the base, and then start to layer up details, colors, textures, line work until it turns into something which resembles the character you are going for.”

One of the most difficult things about Chris’ work is the way he transforms his face.

He added: “Changing your facial structure can always be difficult because you're attempting to change your natural face shape to look like someone else.

"Sometimes it works, sometimes it flops!”

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