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Moose gets up close and personal with car on the road

Although moose do live in the area, they are usually shy and very rarely seen.



By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

A driver had a close encounter with a moose after it blocked her car - and ate snow off the bumper.

Margo Lukens, 66, was driving home from a cross-country skiing trip when the young moose sauntered in front of the car and began eating snow off the bumper and hood.

Margo, from Orono, Maine, slowed down when she noticed the police lights in the distance.

She eventually came to a stop once she spotted the curious creature and was held up for about 15 minutes as the animal investigated the cars and police waited for a safe moment to let traffic past.

Margo, a professor of American and Native American literature at the University of Maine, said: “People in the cars acted sensibly and didn't get out to harass the moose.

“The police were there with flashers on to make sure no one hurt it or tangled with it.

“I think it began to nibble the snow off the hood as it liked the taste of road salt in there.

“It was such a little moose, probably only a yearling, with little buds of antlers.

“It was obviously separated from its parent so I felt like it must be lonely and a bit thirsty or hungry. I couldn't help reacting with a big ‘aww’!”

A policeman and a game warden eventually approached the moose and shooed it back towards the woods.

Although moose do live in the area, they are usually shy and very rarely seen.

Margo added: “We often see their footprints in the woods or even in our gardens, but we do not see the moose themselves very often.

“Once every several years a moose will be spotted strolling down a street in town, or be swimming or eating pond vegetation.

"They are very difficult to see at night on the highway. You have to be very careful. Your car will not survive a crash with a moose!”

The video was shot on February 6, 2022.

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