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Woman who’s like a ‘real-life Hitch’ helps guys get a date

"I'm honest with everyone and I'm not afraid to talk about what we want in the bedroom too."



By Emma Dunn via SWNS

Meet the real-life Hitch who shares her tips to help guys get a date with girls - such as leaving voice notes and the best opening gambits.

Chloe Taylor, 24, said men "didn't know what to say or how to approach the opposite sex" - so she decided to take to social media to share her top tips.

Chloe calls herself the "real life Hitch" after Will Snith's character in the movie.

Her videos reveal the best way to DM (direct message) a woman to get a successful response and provide insights on what they are looking for in a guy.

Her tips include messaging with a voice note and being humorous and approachable.

The content creator's lists also explain things women do that men don't understand - such as going to the toilet in groups, why they always go for the bad guys and why women have their whole lives in their bag.


Now an amateur agony aunt, Chloe has helped one guy reach out to the girl he liked and her advice means they're now dating.

Chloe, who also owns a vegan certified fashion marketplace, from Stourbridge, West Midlands, said: "I've become an agony aunt for men. I'm like a real-life Hitch.

"I didn't expect it, but I've had so many messages asking me questions about girls or what to say to them.

"A lot of guys don't get why we go for the wrong guys and not the nice ones, so I've been trying to explain it to them but to help them be more approachable with women.

"Recently a guy I gave advice to messaged me to say he's now dating a woman thanks to my advice."

Chloe started creating lists on "what girls want guys to know" and was amazed at the response.

"I posted about what we mean when we say we're fine - a lot of the time it means just that but sometimes we want you to prompt us further to spark a conversation," she said.

"We also like a guy that can show his emotions.

"I'm honest with everyone and I'm not afraid to talk about what we want in the bedroom too."

"So many men have messaged thankful and it's relatable for the women too."

Chloe is also honest about some of the things women do but won't admit to.

"We keep old underwear, only shave up to our knees if we don't need to do anymore and love a good stalk," she said.

"I've made a safe space for guys and girls to come to me with their questions.

"A lot of guys don't understand why we often go for the bad men, and I explained that it's because we often want some excitement and unfortunately that's normally from those types of lads.

"I've tried to help by suggesting that we like someone approachable, has charisma and can make us laugh.

"For me, a voice note DM will always make me click on it as I want to hear what it says.

"Or I had one guy just message me 'hey I have a question' and I was immediately intrigued as I wanted to know what it was."

Chloe says one of her most popular questions from a guy is "how to get over a girl."

She said: "I think guys are quite sensitive and often don't talk about it with their friends.

"It's nice they can come to me.

"I'm hoping that by continuing to share an insight and share advice, girls and guys can understand each other a lot better.

"It's nice that my advice is clearly paying off and working."


  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Know your own worth
  • Ask genuine questions
  • Have an interest in them rather than just their looks
  • Don't put yourself down when approaching girls

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