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NASA announces winners of ‘Photographer of the Year’ awards


Test subjects Kelsey Young and Tess Caswell evaluate lunar field geology tasks as part of the Exploration Extravehicular Activity (xEVA) night operations development tests conducted at Johnson Space Center’s Rock Yard. Won 1st place in the "Documentation" category. (Norah Moran/NASA via SWNS)

By Dean Murray via SWNS

NASA has announced the winners of its fourth annual "Photographer of the Year" awards.

With winners and runners-up selected in several categories, highlights include glimpses at otherworldly test locations including a wind tunnel and an anechoic chamber.

There is also a high-flying photo of an aviator in a F-15D Eagle aircraft, and a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on the launchpad.

xEMU space suit on arm during Building 14 Anechoic Chamber testing at the NASA Johnson Space in Centerin Houston, Texas. Won 2nd place in the "Places"category. (Artist: Norah Moran/NASA via SWNS)
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The human face of the U.S. space agency is represented in the first place winner of the "People" category in the form of Engineering Technician Ryan Fischer adjusting a vibration testing device.

While elsewhere, a portrait of NASA astronaut Jonny Kim shows him wearing a high-altitude pressure suit worn in the WB-57 aircraft, which is capable of flying at altitudes over 60,000 feet.

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