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Professional cave explorers discover hidden 220-foot deep cavern under forest

The bottom of the cave that the group reached isn't the end of it - the cave leads to further caverns that the group were unable to reach.



By Leo Black via SWNS

Two professional cavers discovered a breath-taking - and claustrophobic - 220-foot-deep secret cavern hidden by dense forest and rappelled to the bottom.

Twins Eddy and James Robinson, 27, set off on the hour-long hike after being tipped off to the cave by a friend.

The footage shows the pit opening up into a massive cavern with wide walls and an incredibly high ceiling, showing only a pinprick of light from the entrance.

The bottom of the cave that the group reached isn't the end of it - the cave leads to further caverns that the group were unable to reach.

The claustrophobic footage shows Eddy attempting to explore the cave further, crawling through a tiny passage that even the relatively thin man is unable to squeeze through.

The twins are professionals, but even then the expedition was fraught with danger.

Eddy said: "It was by far the deepest cave we have ever rappelled into, almost double the depth of any other cave, and the scariest rappel we had ever done too.

"It was scary thinking that someone could come and cut the rope and leave us trapped in there

"The fact that we had to climb 220 feet back out and trust the rope not to break."

Cavers don't like sharing the exact locations of their finds in order to protect them from overuse and the destruction of their natural beauty. Eddy is no exception.

This makes the spot a well-guarded secret, mostly passed from caver to caver by word of mouth.

The pit is called Flow Stone cave and is on Pigeon Mountain, a spot with multiple incredible caves, and some claim it to be one of the deepest in the state of Georgia.

Flow Stone is reportedly situated near Pettyjohn cave, a well-known spot, the location of which has been spread widely in order to protect the others in the area from overuse.

Eddy added: "We didn't know if we were ever going to find it because we didn't have an exact location of it.

"We felt a cool breeze coming from a spot in the woods and knew we were close.

"The feeling of going through this tiny hole that opened up was unlike anything you could imagine.

"We were in total awe that this large chamber was sitting right beneath our feet seemingly hiding in plain sight."

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