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Family that lost their dog on vacation still at resort weeks later looking for their precious pup

His owner Josies says she will not be going anywhere until her beloved pooch is found.



Patch has been missing for weeks (SWNS)

By Lauren Beavis via SWNS

A family who lost their pet dog on a holiday are still at the resort 300 miles from home six weeks later - trying to find the beloved pet.

The pooch called Patch vanished while his owners were on a break in Dorset from their home in Sheffield.

Owner Josie has confirmed she has not left the area since the "tortuous" disappearance on June 4 - and is still there looking for her.

She says will not be going anywhere until her beloved pooch is found.


Patch, a white Jack Russell Terrier Crossbreed, has not been sighted since his disappearance.

The family was on vacation in Dorset at the time, staying at their caravan in Parkdean Resorts West Bay Holiday Park.

The rescue dog, who the family describes as being of a nervous and shy nature, has been in their home for seven years.

Sam, daughter of Josie, said: "We have done everything possible to try and find him.

"We have put posters up, given out leaflets to people, local businesses have put up posters for us.

"The local community have been great in helping us search for Patch but unfortunately we have had no joy."

The last information shared on Patch was sightings of him at 4 am on 19 June in West Bay harbour - which prompted the family to spend multiple nights in the area looking out for him.

The rest of the family have been going between their home of Sheffield and West Bay to continue searches.

Sam said: "It is possible that Patch left the area if he was disturbed and no longer felt safe wherever he was hiding, its also possible that someone could have taken him.

Patch in happier times. (SWNS)

"We sat out in the bay all through the night until 6 am hoping to see him, we've walked the fields and spoken to local farmers.

"Mum has permanently stayed in the bay since he went missing and we will not leave the area.

"I was not there when he initially went missing but went straight down there as soon as it happened and stayed for nearly three weeks.

"I am head back down with my daughter for the foreseeable future."

In efforts to find Patch, a local photographer took his drone out along the cliff side between West Bay and Eype - but there was, unfortunately, no sign of him.

The family has said the help from local community members has been "great" and a group of volunteers has been on stand-by keeping watch for a potential sighting of Patch in the area.

Owner Josie with Patch. (SWNS)

Sam added: "I was able to set up a group of volunteers who help us keep watch of the webcams each night and volunteers who have been out actively walking the area looking for Patch and sitting out in the bay with us overnight to keep a look out for him.

"We have had some very kind people lend us equipment, and a few times we have had people come out with drones to try and search the area.

"We cannot thank those people enough for their help."

Sam added: "We could really use any help we can get in furthering our search for Patch but the information is really key.

"Even if someone picked him up to take him home and he perhaps managed to escape again in a completely different area - we just need to know."

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