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This 10-year-old has same IQ as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

Her mom said: “We are incredibly proud and delighted for her."

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Isabelle Spark with her results. (Lois Spark via SWNS)

By Gwyn Wright and Charley Bergman via SWNS

A brainy 10-year-old has been invited to join Mensa after an IQ test revealed she is as clever as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Isabelle Spark achieved a score of 160 in a tough exam- putting her in the top one percent of the population.

The brainbox sat the exam to join the prestigious high IQ society last month and was at least ten years younger than everyone else there.

Her proud mom Lois Spark said: “Isabelle’s always been really ahead academically – she learned to read and write from a much earlier age than expected.

“When she was nine months old she was talking in full sentences.

“There is a red book you get when they are a child and you have to fill in all the milestones. She was always weeks ahead.

“She was reading books when she was three.”

Isabelle has kept up a love of learning and easily beats her parents at brain teasers, puzzles and sudoku - which she completes in her spare time.

Her mom says she “whizzes” around the school library looking at books and “always has the sharpest pencil and is really eager” when it comes to a math test.

Her parents read an article about the elite club for clever people around six months ago so they decided to give it a try “out of curiosity."

Isabelle Spark, 10, has been invited to join Mensa after an IQ test revealed she is as clever as Albert Einstein. (Lois Spark via SWNS)

Lois, 40, explained: “We had read an article on Mensa and thought it was interesting, but it was more out of curiosity that she gave it a try.

“Isabelle was really curious about whether or not she would get in.

“We didn’t do any preparation and there were no expectations or pressure, so we really weren’t expecting such an amazing result.

“She would probably have done it before but she was unable to.

“It was the hottest day of the year and she had been to school that day.

“Our train was delayed and we were running from the station, but we just about made it.

“She went into the room with three minutes to go and sat down with just enough time to write her name and address.

“It was a two-hour test and she did really well.

“Everyone else in the room was an adult and she was the youngest in there by far.

“She just went and gave it her best.”

Her proud mom said she came bouncing out of the room smiling and excited saying “mummy, that was really easy.”

Lois said she was really nervous about what she had scored and was “just blown away” when she found out her little one had scored 160.

“I was nervous for the next week about the result.

“When the results came through and she had got 160 I was just blown away.

“I always thought there was something about her, she got top grades at school.

“I thought she would do well.

“We are incredibly proud and delighted for her.

“When she went to school the next day she said she was only going to tell a few friends as nobody would believe her.

“All her friends are saying congratulations and are making her feel amazing about the results.

“Bromley High School has been incredible about it.

“Isabelle spoke to the school in assembly and they did a special session in class to explain to the children what Mensa is and how big of an achievement it is.

“They’ve been really wonderful and it’s given her so much more confidence in her abilities.

“It’s all been really incredible.

“She knows it is a big thing but I don’t think she realizes how much of an achievement it is.”

Isabelle is looking forward to continuing with Mensa and is planning to go to a young Mensa conference at Oxford University over the summer where she hopes to meet children of a similar age and make some friends.

Isabelle said: “I’m proud of myself and looking forward to the Mensa challenges and forming friendships within the society.

“Most of the questions were about logic and I just enjoyed it.

“I feel really happy with myself.

“I wasn’t expecting it. It was out of curiosity.

“Now I am hoping to meet some other people that are my age and it is just an adventure.”

The incredibly clever youngster wants to be an aerospace technologist when she grows up combining her love for math, computing and science.

She has already won a year five award for computing and a gold maths award at her school.

Isabelle lives at home in Petts Wood, South East London with her mom, dad and seven-year-old sister Harriet who is now wondering when she can join Mensa.

Lois said: “Her sister is so proud of her.

“She said ‘how old can I be when I take the test?”

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