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Clever cat figures out how to unlock door for stranded owner



By Barney Riley via SWNS

A clever cat managed to open the front door to let its stranded owner in after she found herself locked outside.

Bailey Rubal, 22, arrived home before her friends - who had the front door keys - but managed to get her cat Voodoo to open the door for her.

She was left stranded outside for 30 minutes waiting for her friends to arrive when she heard Voodoo close to the door on the other side.

Social media content coordinator Bailey tapped on the door to entice two-year-old Voodoo to jump onto the handle on the other side.

After five minutes of persuasion, Voodoo eventually let her in - much to Bailey's delight - as she literally fell into the home as the door swung open.

Bailey, from Austin, Texas, said: "My roommates and I just got home from boating on Lake Travis.

"I did not bring my keys with me since I went with my roommates. But the problem was I rode home with another friend.

"I had gotten home way before my other roommates, so I had to improvise.

"I knew Voodoo could open doors and I heard him jiggling on the handle, so with enough motivation, I had a feeling he could get it open.

"It only took the king about three to five minutes."

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