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Meet the rabbit who slam dunks basketballs like Bugs Bunny in ‘Space Jam’

Milo loves playing with his cuddly toys, but his favorite is his bouncy ball.

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By Kate Pounds via SWNS

Check out this real life Bugs Bunny - a little rabbit who can slam dunk balls in a basketball hoop just like the "Space Jam" character.

Milo loves playing with his cuddly toys, but his favorite is his bouncy ball, which he can shoot through a tiny basketball hoop in his living room.

Milo's owner Mandy Cross, 46, said: "He just taught himself.

“He loves the balls best of all his toys.

“He’s always jumping around with them and Elfie [the cat] loves to watch him.

“The cat sits on the little step and Milo just starts bouncing the balls, he’s a real performer."

A cute video shows the bunny picking up the ball in his mouth, doing a lap of the room, and then dunking it straight into the hoop.

Mandy, a mental health support worker from London, England adopted Milo from a local pet shop in 2017 when he was only eight weeks old.

“I have had rabbits before, but never ever one like him," she said.

“When I saw him in the pet shop he was sitting on top of a house with his legs kind of dangling down. He had a kind of attitude about him which I liked.

“I never imagined he would be like this.

“I’m so very very proud. He has fans from all over the world on his Facebook page.”

When he’s tired of shooting hoops to impress Elfie, Milo goes under the table to curl up with Tilly, the Shih Tzu.

At the end of the day he takes himself off to bed in his huge cage.

“I can’t believe how well they all get on," Mandy said.

“When I go to work I leave them all running free in the house and they’re totally fine.”

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