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These cows live a life of luxury with regular spa days

“All orphaned or sick calves I raise receive at least one bath and daily grooming."



By Leo Black via SWNS

Meet the cattle that live a life of luxury with regular spa days complete with skin-moisturizing, face masks and even mani-pedis.

LeeAnna Thomas, 30, runs a ranch in South-East Texas, where she gives her cows at least one bath at birth and daily grooming.

She looks after calves who have had hard births or some other issues meaning they would not survive on their own.

These issues can include being orphaned, the mother not giving good milk, abandonment, or general sickness.

As a result LeeAnna raises them by hand. They are both from her ranch and given to her for rehabilitation.

She said: “All orphaned or sick calves I raise receive at least one bath and daily grooming.

“Behind the scenes I vigorously bathe the calf. Sometimes moms don’t clean them at birth so I like to bathe them thoroughly from head to hoof."

LeeAnna started giving her calves daily grooming sessions after a calf named Annie soaked up the grooming.

She explained: "It was adorable. My children and I bathed her several times a week and decided to video it one day."

Now, whenever a cow seems to particularly enjoy, or welcome the attention, they get a nice pampering session.

The spa days aren't just a bath and de-lousing. They also get hoof and nose moisturizing, rub-downs with exfoliating products, face masks and anything LeeAnna can get away with.

“I began using products I already had at home that were safe.

"Currently, I have transitioned to mostly self-made products using fruits and veggies."

Since then, LeeAnna's TikTok has been taken over by the spa-day videos and regularly gain millions of views each, some of them reaching more than 30 million views.

LeeAnna's ranch does raise cattle for beef, but this is not their main business practice, they mainly breed cows for shows and as pets.

“Our beef cattle ranch operation is growing and we are keeping more calves each year.

"Currently, the majority of our cattle are now being bought as pets or for children to raise for and compete in shows.”

LeAnna explained that the spa days aren't just for videos or entertainment as the animals are more likely to thrive when they stimulated.

"Believe it or not, it’s my experience that these sick calves can become depressed - lack energy, even the will to live - and die

"Consistent, positive interaction with the calves of any sort will only aid in the cows overall well being.”

Not all calves receive spa-treatments, LeeAnna first has to assess whether the animal will enjoy it.

She said: "It’s imperative that I read the calf before trying to do a spa day.

"Earning trust and positive interactions is my top priority for these sick calves.

"I only do full spa days on the calves I know will enjoy it.”

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