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Cop reunited with girl born in her mom’s car that he helped deliver

He was recently invited to meet the girl, who is now nine.



Police officer Mark Powell has been reunited with nine-year-old Imogen. (Gwent Police via SWNS)

By Ed Cullinane via SWNS

A police officer has been re-united with a nine-year-old girl he helped deliver - in her mum's car.

PC Mark Powell brought Imogen into the world when her mum Sara Jones didn't make it to the hospital in time.

Sara was traveling with her mother-in-law and father-in-law to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport when her waters broke.

They stopped outside the police station in Blackwood where two officers – PC Powell and PC Helen Moss - helped deliver Imogen.

After removing the cord PC Powell encouraged baby Imogen to take her first breath - becoming the first person she ever met.

He was recently invited to meet Imogen, from Maesycwmmer, Gwent, Wales, who is now nine.

Mark said: “It’s brilliant to see how well Imogen is doing, especially as she gave us quite a scare.”

PC Powell took the lead delivering Imogen, while his colleague PC Moss supported the soon-to-be mother and held her hand.

Sara explained: “I had been shopping and could feel pain in my back.

“We phoned Imogen’s dad to let him know but it was too late to phone the ambulance and so we got in the car and headed to the hospital.

"We didn't get very far and had to stop at Blackwood Police Station.

“I can't remember much; it was a bit of a blur - but I do remember PC Moss holding my hand and reassuring me."

PC Moss added: "It was a wonderful experience helping to bring a new life into the world and for everything to end happily with mum and baby safe and in good health.”

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