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CCTV captures ‘ghost cat’ on camera

"The only explanation I have is that it must be a ghost."

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By Nia Price via SWNS

A stunned mom claims she's now convinced about the existence of the paranormal after her CCTV captured a 'friendly GHOST CAT' wander across her front porch before vanishing into thin air.

Laura Herrington said she received a notification that her home security camera had picked up some movement outside, so she and hubby Justin Herrington, 33, decided to investigate.

But the 31-year-old was left in 'disbelief' when she saw a transparent black cat appear on screen but then suddenly disappear - leading her to believe the only plausible explanation was that it must have been a ghost.

The stay-at-home mom-of-five said she's unsure of the significance of her 'really strange' discovery but that she believes the phantom feline to be friendly - given they're a family of animal lovers.

The spooky clip captured by Laura's CCTV reveals what appears to be the figure of a black cat with reflective white eyes walking on her porch.

But it then vanishes into thin air while strutting past a structural wooden frame - giving the illusion that it's walked through it.

Laura, of Spencer, Indiana, said: "At first I was shocked to be honest and in disbelief.

"To us, it seems like a ghost cat, for lack of a better word.

"It seems like a cat but then it just sort of disappears so the only explanation I have is that it must be a ghost."

The freaky footage was captured last month [July 17] and the animal lover was compelled to share it online the following day.

Laura said: "We were watching back our security camera footage from the night before and we just saw that and thought it was really strange.

"Prior to this, I believed in ghosts a little bit but have never seen anything quite like that so it kind of tipped me over.

"It's a friendly cat ghost.

"I'm not sure what its significance is. I have five kids and they all love cats but other than that I can't think of anything specific."

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