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Adorable ‘Hannibull-dog Lecter’ must wear mask to stop her from eating grasshoppers

"She can still open her mouth and breathe and pant; the mask really just makes her less accurate at hunting, capturing and consuming the grasshoppers."



 By Charlotte Penketh-King via SWNS

An adorable Hannibull-dog Lecter has to wear a mask in the backyard to stop her "eating grasshoppers like they're skittles" after they kept making her sick.

Cheeky French bulldog Olive kept giving herself a sick stomach with her sneaky snacking.

Owner Megan Lasuzzo, 32, said she was "eating grasshoppers like they're skittles."

She bought a dog mask usually used by vets and groomers for $13 on Amazon.

Olive only wears the mask for a few minutes at a time while supervised - but can now enjoy the yard without devouring critters.

Marketing and design lead Megan, who lives in Texas, with her husband, innovation manager Matt, 34, and their two French bulldogs, Olive, two, and Valentino, nine, said: "She's our little Hannibull-dog Lecter!

"She's not allowed to eat them because it gives her an upset tummy - they give her diarrhea - but she eats them like skittles so she has to wear this mask.

"She can still open her mouth and breathe and pant; the mask really just makes her less accurate at hunting, capturing and consuming the grasshoppers.

"We noticed last year that our backyard had so many grasshoppers, but we didn’t realize she was eating them and didn't know why she had an upset stomach for a couple days.

"We began monitoring her closely outside and realized what she was doing. Anything that jumps around captures her attention and must be stopped!

"We noticed her actively hunting them and eating them. The problem is she wouldn’t stop at just one, and then later that evening, her tummy didn’t agree with them as well.

"Ever since then, we never leave out of our sights while in the backyard. She doesn’t always get the mask treatment, only when she’s feeling especially murderous!

"It’s more so used as a training tool to get her to stop. It’s a work in progress - she still wants to eradicate all the grasshoppers.

"After we got rid of the grasshopper diet, her tummy returned to normal. We did make a call to the vet and let them know what was going on and they said to prevent her from eating them, so that’s what we’re doing!

"We also get a lot of comments about how she looks like and some really clever comments like 'she was born in the barkness' or 'houndable lecter' or 'Hannibal licktor.'"

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