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How a splash of color helped increase property prices by 30%

"There are so many positives, including uniting the community and restoring civic pride."

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By SWNS staff reporter

An artist who paints houses in bright colors to create 'rainbow roads' has caused a mini property boom - and seen values increase by 30 percent.

Tash Frootko, 43, has been painting homes in Gloucester, UK since 2018 - transforming previously drab properties.

She has helped dozens of homes get an uplifting makeover in her home city - with adjoining streets even connected by large murals.

Tash has transformed five streets for far, known collectively as 'The Rainbow Square.'

She has now released a documentary about her four-year project called 'Painting The Rainbow City.'

Local realtors say her efforts have seen house values and rental prices rise by up to 30 percent - with more and more people wanting to live there.

Artist/property developer Tash Frootko in ‘the Rainbow Square’ in Gloucester, UK. (Tom Wren via SWNS)

Josh Richards of Andrews Property Group, Gloucester said: ''There is no doubt that the street transformation work done by Tash Frootko has increased the house prices.

''We have seen record prices on St Mark Street aka The Rainbow Street and have just have just seen two houses sell on 'The Rainbow Square' for record-breaking prices, over 30% higher than ever before.

''The colorful streets have become so popular that we regularly have inquiries from both private buyers and investors specifically wanting to buy on these streets.''

Hayley Tennet, senior lettings negotiator from Andrews added: ''Since these streets have had their colorful transformations we have seen a significant rental increase of up to 25%.

Tash Frootko gives homes a splash of color and paints murals to transform drab streets and increase property prices. (Tom Wren via SWNS)

''The work that Tash puts into these streets is incredible and very popular with University students wanting to live on a vibrant, feel-good street.

''They are now our most popular properties''

Tash, who is also a property developer, said: ''I love to buy houses in disrepair on run-down looking streets and I include transforming the entire aesthetic of that street as part of my project.

''Why stop at renovating my own property when I know that if I can make the street look better there are so many positives, including uniting the community and restoring civic pride?

''The cherry on top is that the rejuvenated street seems to massively increase the house price and rentability.

''I find that highly rented streets with a transient population tend to look run down and shabby yet the landlords are profiting significantly.

''I have never understood this. Surely if you invest in a street then it is in your interest to make that street look great. It shouldn't matter if you live in or rent out that property.

''I have self-funded the majority of the projects.

''I am on a mission to make parts of Gloucester city look beautiful again as everyone deserves to live in an amazing and inspiring environment.

''I am creating huge outdoor galleries of artwork for everyone to enjoy.

''The streets are now much more desirable and are well looked after compared to how they once were.

''This in turn attracts a new sort of buyer and investor to this regenerating city.

''My rainbow streets have become landmarks, visitor attractions and the most popular places to live. I am so thrilled about that.''

''I really hope that my kaleidoscopic streets inspire others to pick up a paintbrush and reveal the true potential of how their street can look - and in turn increase the value of their properties.

Painting The Rainbow City, a documentary by STILL MOVING can be found here.

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