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Watch these daredevils jump off a cliff

The crew prepared for two years for the jump.

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(Screenshot via SWNS YouTube)

By Barney Riley via SWNS

Watch this pair of daredevils launch themselves off a cliff in a nail-biting tandem base jump.

The pair of thrill-seekers are part of the extreme sports collective Mountain Man BASE, which organized the jump from a chalk cliff in the UK, on Devon's Jurassic Coast.

The group claims it was the first tandem base jump to take place in the UK.

Images show the pair, assisted by a crew in the early morning of August 8th, when they took the plunge to the beach at the bottom of the huge cliff.

The crew prepared for two years for this jump as there was "lots of scouting out of logistics, design of kit tailor-made for the project, deciding on the location."

Mountain Man BASE ensure that all of their activities are within the law as they claim to be practitioners of 'ethical BASE.'

The local coast guard authority was informed prior to the jump.

BASE stands for 'Bridges, antennas, spans (bridges), and Earth' and jumpers 'exit' from these locations.

A spokesperson for Mountain Man BASE said: "Mountain Man BASE is a pioneering team of extreme sports athletes including BASE jumpers in the UK.

"We're known for breaking new ground in the domain of extreme sports, taking things to the next level recently with the UK's first ever tandem BASE jump.

"This represents the culmination of a long process of preparatory planning, tests of equipment and protocols, and trials with weighted bags before going live with humans.

"Finally, the first live jumps were performed in the week commencing August 8th at Beer Head, Devon, a 280ft chalk cliff on the Jurassic Coast, which incidentally was the site of the first ever BASE jump from an Earth exit in the UK 40 years ago.

"Mountain Man BASE are experienced professionals with the skills and knowledge to make this happen.

"MMB places emphasis on ethical BASE practice, focusing on fully legal jumps in iconic UK locations.

"The jumps were conducted in liaison with the Devon Coast Guard, members of whom witnessed the jumps whilst conducting their own training exercises in the vicinity.

"Weather conditions were perfect in the week of August 8th when the live jumps were made against a magnificent backdrop with the sun going down, the sea calm and the moon coming up!

"This was a massive success, a UK first representing months (and years) of teamwork incorporating planning, designing, and testing equipment and techniques."

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