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Woman gives birth alone on bathroom floor and whole thing captured on Ring camera

“Doing it alone was an incredible experience.”

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By Emma Dunn via SWNS

A woman gave birth alone on the bathroom floor in just 30 minutes before her husband or paramedics could arrive - and the ordeal was captured on her Ring camera.

Gabriela Perez, 30, was surprised when she woke up experiencing contractions on January 15, 2022 and realized her unborn baby wasn’t wasting any time in arriving.

Her husband, Miguel Perez, 34, a warehouse manager, was unable to get home in time as he was at work and so he advised Gabriela to call the paramedics.

But 20 minutes after her contractions started, Gabriela’s water broke, and her contractions were becoming painful and closer together.

Gabriela couldn’t hold on any longer and gave birth to her little girl, Aurora Isabella, on the bathroom floor, while on the phone with 911.

Minutes after Aurora was born, weighing 7lbs 3oz, the couple's home security camera caught paramedics rushing in to wrap the newborn up in a blanket and tend to Gabriela, who was losing blood.

The mom-of-six was taken to Javon Bea Hospital, Belvidere, Illinois, to be checked over before she was able to return home the same day with Aurora.

Gabriela, a part-time shop assistant, from Belvidere, said: “It all happened so quickly but it was such an amazing experience.

“I wasn’t expecting it as doctors had checked me over just a few days before and said she still wasn’t on the way.

“I woke up with contractions and my water had broken after 20 minutes, 10 minutes later she was born.

“I couldn’t believe it.

“Miguel thought the paramedics would make it to me in time, but I was OK.

“Doing it alone was an incredible experience.”

Gabriela was 40 weeks pregnant when she started to experience contractions at 8 A.M.January 15.

She had been told by doctors that her daughter still wasn’t on the way and had been scheduled to be induced on January 17 if her little one hadn't arrived by then.

“It didn’t seem like she was coming and there were no signs of labor,” Gabriela said.

“I was shocked when the contractions started, and my husband was already at work.

“The contractions quickly got worse, and my waters broke at 8:20 A.M.

“I realized she was coming imminently.

“Miguel told me to ring 911 and I had them on the phone, but I just couldn’t hold her in anymore.

“I was scared, and I didn’t really know what to do.

“I pushed and she was suddenly out and on the floor.”

Minutes later, paramedics rushed in and took over to look after Aurora and Gabriela.

Gabriela was taken to Javon Bea Hospital, Belvidere, as she was losing blood.

“They just got the bleeding under control and the two of us could come home again that day,” she said.

“Miguel thought the ambulance would have got there in time, so I think he feels bad that I had to do it alone.

“But it was a magical and scary experience, and I realized my Ring camera captured it all, so I have her birth to look back on.”

Aurora, now six months old, is settling in well with her brothers and sisters - Miguel, 10, Valerie, nine, Edan, six, Elizabeth, four, and Adrian, two.

“She’s doing really well and growing fast,” Gabriela said.

“It was an emotional and crazy experience, but I wouldn’t change anything.”

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