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Self-professed human Ken doll spent tens of thousands to look like this

David admits he doesn't recognize his former self but that he is "not into looking natural" and has no regrets.


(Screenshots via TikTok)

By Rebecca Cooley via SWNS

A self-professed human Ken doll says he's spent over $70,000 USD on a plastic surgery transformation, and he plans to spend even more on his "fake" look.

David Kosir, of Melbourne, Australia, started dabbling in fillers in 2019 before embarking on a dramatic facial change costing $100,000 AUD ($69,069 USD).

He deliberately abandoned the natural look in favor of a more "plastic" and "attention-grabbing" aesthetic.

The 27-year-old has gone under the knife and had a nose job, new teeth, a hair transplant, laser freckle removal and countless facial fillers.

The plastic surgery fanatic said that most of his inspiration came from scrolling through social media and putting together a "shopping list" of procedures.

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He plans to undergo further drastic facial procedures in the coming months.

He estimates they will cost around $12,000 USD in total.

Despite online backlash that he has "ruined" himself, the energy company worker insists that he is happier with his new look and will "never say never" to future procedures.

He said: "The very first thing that I dabbled with was filler. I started getting lip filler and then I moved on to doing cheek filler and then I did jaw and chin filler.

"I'm taking a bit of a break from doing filler but I used to get that done once every three months - I did that about a dozen times over the span of three years.

"I really had no plans originally but I never really liked my nose so I always knew I wanted to get that done.

"Honestly it was scrolling through social media, I was like 'these teeth look nice, what are these? Veneers and crowns, what are they?' and then I looked into that and thought 'I should get that done.'

"I went through a two-year period where I was just constantly bleaching and coloring my hair and it really damaged my hair growth and my hairline in particular.

"Then I was like 'I've got to fix that' and looked into doing a transplant, so that's how that led into that.

"Everything else has just been discovering it and then going 'I'll give it a shot' and then just doing it. It's very impromptu really.

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"I do really like the plastic, fake look. I'm going for a human, male Barbie doll look like Ken - that would be the ultimate aesthetic for me."

Over the course of three years, he claims to have racked up a spend of around $20,000 AUD ($13,809 USD) on topping up temporary injectables

In May 2021, David made the first permanent change to his appearance - a $13,000 AUD ($8,975 USD) rhinoplasty in his home city of Melbourne.

He then got veneers on his top set of teeth for $25,000 AUD ($17,261 USD), in July 2021, before jetting to Turkey, in May 2022, to get crowns on his bottom teeth, at a lesser cost of $8,000 AUD ($5,523 USD).

He flew back to Turkey the following month, June 2022, for a hair transplant, costing $12,500 AUD ($8,630 USD) for the procedure, trip, medications and follow up.

He has also spent $18,000 AUD ($12,428) over the last three years on luxury facials every eight weeks.

His laser freckle removal costs $3,000 AUD ($2,071 USD), which he gets done every three months.

The next step is an "intense" round of five facial surgeries that he is booked to undergo in Turkey in February 2023.

He wants a fox eye lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction), a temple and cheek lift and fat transfers to numerous areas of his face.

"It is a lot of money but you've got to spend your money somewhere so why not do something that makes you happy. I find it worth it.

"I don't think there's too much else I want to do after my next round - I think it will give me a bit more of a permanent aesthetic, which is what I'm going for.

@plasticbotchedboy Day 1 down, very exciting times #turkeyteeth 😬 #chompers ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

"But never say never, I could definitely find something else that I want to do.

"I'm looking at removing some of my fillers and then doing the surgeries to correct some of the effects of having so much filler because I've seen a little bit of facial sagging, a bit of droopiness of the skin.

"I'm on the thin side so because I have injected stuff into my face it kind of makes the other areas of my face look a bit disproportionate.

"I think once I've had the fat grafting done my face will look a bit more symmetrical while still maintaining the big features.

"The surgery is to correct that but also to give everything a lift and a bit of a sharper, exaggerated look.

"I definitely will still be keeping an 'out there,' exaggerated aesthetic but it will be maybe a bit more blended because I'll be doing the fat injections to different areas of the face."

Looking back on his dramatic transformation, David admits he 'doesn't recognize his former self but that he is 'not into looking natural' and so has no regrets.

@plasticbotchedboy just makes me wonder what the f imma look like by the time I’m 30 lol #happy ♬ Material Girl - Madonna

But others were less enamored with the drastic change in his appearance when he posted transformation videos online.

Thousands of TikTokers bombarded him with negative comments arguing that he looked better before plastic surgery and urged him to stop getting more procedures done.

David said: "I don't recognize myself looking at old photos. It's weird, it's mixed emotions.

"I don't actually hate how I used to look, I can appreciate both aesthetics that I've had.

"For me, I've always just had fun going for a different aesthetic, I get very bored and I think that's why I used to dye my hair so much.

"I'm not into looking natural, which has been a big criticism that I've got. That's just the aesthetic that I lean more towards - the attention-grabbing, 'out there' look.

"I don't think I look that crazy but I guess people think otherwise because I get so many negative comments.

"The first video I posted was just a little transformation of a few things I've had done and there were thousands of comments all like 'what have you done?'

"It was such a shock because I always get such good feedback from people in real life and all my friends and family have never said anything like that.

"I've talked to people in my life, being like 'all these people think I should reverse it, what do you think?' and they're all like 'no, we think you look better now.'

"It just really shocked me that people can be so negative towards a complete stranger.

"I'm happy in life so that's all I really care about and I don't mind the attention so it is what it is."

@plasticbotchedboy Literally red as a tomato currently 😅 #freckle #removal #beauty ♬ original sound - PlasticBotchedBoy

Some cruel commenters compared David's look to a 'caricature' and even joked that he should 'ask for a refund' for his numerous surgeries.

One commenter said: "It's so sad, it's an addiction for some people and they don't even realize it."

Another said: "[You know] those [caricatures] that [people] draw on the streets?"

A third said: "Hahahaha go get your money back."

Others came to David's defense and urged people not to judge someone for doing something that makes them happy.

One commenter wrote: "People are so nasty. Nothing feels better than loving yourself, surgery or not.

"It's money well spent if it brings you happiness."

Another commented: "You genuinely look happy and that's all that matters. You look great before and after but you look best when [you're] happiest."

David now hopes to encourage others to do what makes them happy and not let other people's opinions hold them back.

"Do what you want in life because you've only got one life.

"If there's something that you want to do, who cares if you're going to get judged for it, you've got to be happy with yourself and live your life.

"So as long as you're doing it for that and not to make anyone else happy then I say go for it."


  • TOP VENEERS IN MELBOURNE - $25,000 AUD ($17,261 USD)
  • LOWER CROWNS IN TURKEY - $8,000 AUD ($5,523 USD)
  • HAIR TRANSPLANT IN TURKEY - $12,500 AUD ($8,630 USD)

TOTAL SO FAR = $99,500 AUD ($68,700 USD)



GRAND TOTAL = $119,500 AUD ($82,509 USD)

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