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Meet the knight the internet thinks is a real-life Disney prince

"It was definitely a surprise - but I’m not complaining.”

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Will Arnold as a Yorkist Knight in Wars of the Roses Live! at Warwick Castle. (Warwick Castle via SWNS)

By Adam Dutton via SWNS

A hunky knight who went viral on TikTok after being compared to a Disney Prince has been revealed to be a horse trainer who says he is flattered by all the female attention.

Will Arnold caused internet meltdown when footage of him performing at Warwick Castle was viewed over a million times after being uploaded to social media this week.

He soon attracted a legion of female admirers who labelled him "the missing Hemsworth brother" and compared him to a Disney Prince.

Now the castle has revealed the mystery cavalier is part of their Knights of Middle England team of stunt riders, performers and actors.

Will has worked at the castle since 2018 and spends his time training horses to be used in displays across the country.

Will, who has ridden horses his whole life but also enjoys running and keeping active, said of his newfound fame: “I’m flattered, I think it’s hilarious.

"It was definitely a surprise - but I’m not complaining.”

Will, who lives in the West Midlands, England is currently performing as Sir Edward at Wars of the Roses Live at the castle which is where one TikTok user spotted him in action.

The attention started when the woman posted a clip of him along with the caption "someone find me this man."

It shows Will dressed in armor and wielding a sword on horseback while flicking his hair as he rides and looks smoulderingly at the camera.

@addisonclarice Woah #kingedward #warofroses #jousting #battle #warwickcastle #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #fit #man #find #findhim #help @warwickcastleofficial ♬ original sound - Addison

The video has had more than 1.1 million views and 91.1k likes, along with thousands of comments planning trips to Warwick Castle to see him in real life

One Tiktoker said: "Oooh. He's like this missing Hemsworth," while another added "it's only an eight hour drive, I can be there by morning."

Another mom commented: "So I'm guessing all my fellow mothers are taking our children to Warwick castle then for 'educational purposes.'"

One said: "If you listen closely, you can hear every lady in the audience become single all at once," while another simply added: "We're off to Warwick."

Another put: "Never in my life have I been so jealous of a horse !!" and another said: "The perfect hybrid between Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth. God exists."

One woman quipped: "He can ride a horse with no hands, my husband can't even cook a chicken."

It wasn't just women who were impressed with one man saying: "Bro is quite majestic I'm not gonna lie," while another said "straight off a Mills and Boon cover."

A third lad added: "Well now I am questioning my sexuality."

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