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Hilarious moment 6-year-old girl belts out Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ during quiet flight

"Of course, 'Let It Go' is her favorite song in 'Frozen.'"

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

This is the hilarious moment a six-year-old girl belted out Frozen's "Let It Go" in the business section of a quiet flight.

Youngster Amaya Patel was flying with the rest of her family from London to Dubai for their first vacation since the pandemic when she tuned into the animated musical with her headphones.

She soon began singing her heart out to the hit song "Let It Go" giving an impromptu performance for other passengers.

Mom Anika, 37, captured the moment on video, which was viewed over 1.5 million times and liked over 200,000 on TikTok.

Amaya's auntie, Shree, who posted the video on social media, said the seatbelt sign was on so nobody could go and tell her she was singing out loud.

"It was the first time Amaya has really used headphones and she had chosen to watch 'Frozen' as it is her favorite film," said Anika, a lawyer from London.

"Of course, 'Let It Go' is her favorite song in 'Frozen' and when the song came on she got caught up in the moment and started singing along exuberantly.

"I did call out to her to try and get her attention but she could not hear me due to the headphones.

"I was also unable to leave my seat at that point so could not physically go to her.

"I would like to make clear that she was not singing along to the entire song and that, at most, she sang along for about 30 seconds.

"When I was able to go to her, I explained to her that even though she could not hear anyone because of the headphones, everyone else could still hear her.

"She was very surprised - she had been completely oblivious to the fact that she was singing loudly and other people could hear her."

Anika said there were no people sitting in the rows in front or behind her and no-one complained about the performance.

"Our kids have wanted to go on holiday for a long time and we wanted this trip to be a surprise so we have been telling them that we probably wouldn’t be able to go on holiday until at least next year because of COVID," she said.

"We even made up an excuse for going to the airport and having luggage.

"Although Amaya was suspicious, she’s still young enough that we were able to sustain the surprise.

"We asked the lady at check-in to reveal to the girls that we were, in fact, going on holiday and they were absolutely delighted and overjoyed."

Anika's children wanted to be awake for the take-off of their flight just after 9 P.M. and because they were some of the first passengers to board, they put a film on for the children.

Anika explained to Amaya that she shouldn't make noise on airplanes because some people might be sleeping and it could disturb them, especially babies.

As soon as Amaya was aware she was immediately worried that she might have woken somebody up but luckily nobody was disturbed.

She said the family were shocked by the attention the video received.

"I thought it was a funny and cute moment - a child’s pure innocence and joy and being lost in the moment and I knew my family would love to see it so I sent the clip to my immediate family," she said.

"It never even crossed my mind that it would be viewed half as many times, let alone go viral."

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