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Three-year-old cricket sensation started playing before he could walk

His dad said: "He is probably better than me."

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By Lauren Beavis via SWNS

Meet the cricket sensation aged three who started bowling and batting before he could walk.

Korey Adams has been playing the game since he was 12 months old - and already wants to represent England.

The little superstar is not even old enough to attend nursery but has already turned out for an under-11s game.

And during that clash, he took two wickets for just three runs - and was 12 not out.

The pint-sized all-rounder regularly practices bowling and batting alongside his older peers.

He does not yet play for a regular team as he is too young - but joins in during practice games at his dad's club in the UK, St Briavels.

Korey has played one match for St Briavels under 11s v Lydney cc under 11s and performed with both bat and ball.

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Dad, Tom Adams, 33, of Gloucestershire, England, said: "Korey has been playing since I can remember - he absolutely loves it.

"I'd honestly say he is probably better than me.

"He took two wickets in three balls in an under 11s inter-club game and was 12 not out and he hasn't even turned four!

''That was his highest score, so far. He’s more of a batter but a very decent bowler too.''

Korey's cricket career started back in 2018 Tom decided to set up a local cricket club in their hometown, called St Briavels.

When Korey was born in November that year, Tom was keen to bring his son along to all the games to test his interest - which swiftly turned into the little boy's favorite pastime.

The father-of-two said: "Korey came to every game in 2019, and just after that he started picking up a bat and ball - and started having a go.

"Just four months after he turned one, he was able to do things properly - and that is when we brought him all the kit.

"We managed to find some tiny little pads and gloves online in a size tiny."

Much to the surprise of his parents, Korey wakes up the household at 5:30 am most mornings, desperate for his dad to help him get his kit on so he can practice.

Tom, who currently works as a builder and has been playing the sport since his school days, said: "If he gets a chance he will have a bowl and swing with a bat most days.

"I often take him to practice in the nets we have nearby but we got him a little bowling machine in the hallway for Christmas.

"When Korey gets up in the mornings, comes into our room and says, 'Dad, I want to get downstairs and get padded up so I can play.'

"Someone has got to get up with him - it's usually me!

"Everyone comments on what a future star he could be - especially when he's all padded up in his kit.

"They are all very surprised at his talent for such a young age.

"Even the opposition comment on how great he is at batting and bowling."

Korey also plays in his local cricket club's end-of-season game with the juniors - all from 15 to 18 years old - but he is not yet old enough to play for a team.

Tom said: "We have a junior section in our club that starts from under 9s - so he can't join that quite yet.

"They are still a bit too old for him at the moment, but when he's stronger he can play in that age group without any trouble at all.

"If we could find him an under 7s or 8s team he would definitely be able to hold his own.

"It's just amazing because kids around his age don't even know how to pick up a bat, if he played them he would be launching the ball way too hard for the toddlers!"

Korey dreams to travel the world with the England cricket team when he grows up.

Tom added: "Hopefully he carries on the game because he will have a bright future if he does."

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