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Church bells rung for an hour in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

There will be a 12-day mourning period in the UK.

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By Lauren Beavis via SWNS

Church bells around Britain have rung for an hour to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Church of England sent out guidance to parish churches, chapels and cathedrals around the country encouraging them to toll their bells or open for prayer following the announcement from Buckingham palace.

A number of historical landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral in London and Windsor Castle, rang their bells today (September 9, 2022) from 12 pm to 1 pm - specifically with muffles in order to create a more solemn sound.

Full muffles are designed to dampen the sound of the bell and are reserved exclusively for the Monarch's death.

Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester Cathedrals were amidst those paying their respects by sounding their bells, as well as Crathie Kirk, near the Balmoral estate in Scotland - in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Images show the bells of St Cuthbert Church, at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, being rung to pay respects and proclaim the new King.

Church bells rung in Scotland, to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II. (Daily Motion/SWNS)

Most of the country's 16,000 churches have not rung bells muffled since the death of the Monarch's father in 1952.

The details are contained in Operation London Bridge, the lengthy plan for the days following the Monarch's passing.

The plan, named 'Operation Muffle,' saw leatherworkers inundated with orders as churches rush to ensure they were ready for the sad day, as many found their leather mufflers had grown rotten, or gone missing because they are so seldom used.

There will be a 12-day mourning period for the Queen in the UK and the Prime Minister and senior ministers will attend a public service of remembrance at St Paul’s in central London today.

Flags are being flown at half-mast and books of condolence have been opened for people to pay their respects.

As the Queen died in Balmoral, her body will lie in Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, before being carried up the Royal Mile to St. Giles’s Cathedral.

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