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Meet the mice families who live in their own purpose built homes

"It's a bit of an obsession. I made little houses converted from nest boxes for them," said the man who built them.



By Amy Reast via SWNS

Two families of mice live in their own purpose-built homes at the end of a man's garden - they're hand-fed flowers each day and even have their own pub.

Grandad-of-three Gez Robinson, 61, created a wildlife area at the bottom of his garden to get into photography and found the two families.

He sat sitting outside with them for hours, feeding them every day and even began making little houses from nest boxes.

Gez's sweet videos and wholesome commentaries saw him rise to TikTok fame, and now he has more than 40,000 followers following the journey.

The videos show some of Gez's adorable daily feeds with the mice - with the tiny creatures often snacking flowers.

"In 2020 I first spotted a mouse on the decking next to the brambles, sat there nibbling a sunflower seed," said Gez, a maintenance officer, from Rotherham, south Yorkshire, England.

"The rest was history!

"I started putting them on social media and two years I have thousands of followers. I remember my grandson Noah, 10, once shouting 'grandad's gone viral!'"

Gez said he spends four to five hours each day outside with the mice, and even livestreams his time with them.

He has named the two families: the 'Honeysuckle family' live in the logpile, while the 'Bramble family' live near the brambles in a stone wall.

"It's a bit of an obsession. I made little houses converted from nest boxes for them," he said.

"I comment on them and talk to the mice all the time.

"I've had a few emails saying the mice have helped them through hard times.

"People say it's quite uplifting and it makes them smile.

"There are lots of people who don't like mice, but I think I've changed the perception and given mice a voice.

"People used to say 'I hate mice, but watching your videos made me change my mind'. I love it."

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