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Why this woman chose to go on a ‘me moon’

“I feel so empowered traveling alone."

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By Emma Dunn via SWNS

Meet the woman who opted for a ‘me moon’ rather than a honeymoon after refusing to wait to marry Mr. Right before ticking off her traveling bucket list.

Brittany Allyn, 36, always dreamed of traveling and treating herself but didn't want to wait until she tied the knot to visit some of her dream destinations.

She decided to move to London, UK, from New York, in October 2021 when an old friend had space for her to stay and opted to travel Europe as much as possible.

In November 2021, Brittany took a solo trip to Rome and fell in love with the Italian food and culture.

After not wanting to let being single hold her back, Brittany travelled alone to the South of France in June 2022 and visited Venice and Verona in August 2022 - labelling her travels her "me moon."

Whilst traveling, she loves to dress up, treat herself to boutique hotels and loves to "feel like a Hollywood star" by dressing up and taking herself to fancy restaurants.

“I had so many dream bucket list places that I always thought I’d go to for a honeymoon- and I just thought why wait?," said Brittany, an influencer, originally from New York.

“So, I went for it, and I love traveling by myself on my me-moons.

"They're exactly like a honeymoon - with dreamy destinations, beautiful restaurants and I love to dress up and treat myself - just without a husband in tow.

“I’ve always loved to romanticize life and I love to feel like a movie star and dress up for myself and go out.

“Solo traveling isn’t boring at all - there is so much to do.

“I’ve visited amazing places - like the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and beautiful boutique hotels like Hotel Provencal Villefranche and Hotel il Palazzo Experimental - and had some incredible experiences like taking a gondola ride alone in Venice, going to museums and having beach days.

“For now, I’m single and on my own and it’s not stopping me have fun.”

Brittany loved London as soon as she moved over for a few months in October 2021.

“It became such a hub for places I could go,” she said.

“I’d grown up with such a picturesque American lifestyle, so Europe seemed magical to me.”

She decided to visit Rome, Italy - a place she’d always dreamed of going - in November 2021.

“It was amazing,” she said.

“There was endless food and shopping and things to see and do.

“I treated myself by staying in boutique hotels and it was just so lovely.”

After loving her first solo trip, Brittany returned to New York, but decided she wanted to do as much traveling as she could when she returned to London in April 2022.

She set her sights on villefranche, in the South of France, in June 2022 and hopped around the picturesque villages visiting the tourist attractions.

“I’d always thought I would go to the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc for my honeymoon, but I just thought why not just go now?" she said.

“It was really beautiful.

“I loved hopping around the towns and villages.”

After France, she decided to venture to Venice and Verona in Italy in August 2022.

“Venice was absolutely beautiful,” Brittany said.

“I got to know the streets really well.

“I put on this gorgeous blue silk dress and walked around and went on a gondola in it.

“I love to dress up and feel like a movie star.

"It didn't bother me to not have a man in the most romantic city in the world.

"It was a short trip so it wasn't daunting- I had three and a half days of full on fun.

"I could do whatever I want because I'm on my own- I can shop for five hours straight and spend an hour taking glamorous photos."

In Verona, Brittany got the chance to write love letters to strangers with the secretaries of Juliet- a group of volunteers that live and work in the city that receive letters from people all over the world addressed to Juliet with personal tales of heartbreak and dilemmas.

“They hardly let anyone into it so it was amazing that I got the chance,” she said.

“I was writing back to people all over the world.”

Brittany - who posts her solo travels online - says many people question how she can dine alone or doesn’t get bored on her trips.

“When I go out for dinner alone no one cares or is watching you,” she said.

“I often have my earphones in and have a call with a friend.

“But you could just sit and eat and be on your phone if you wanted to.

“By days are never boring - I’m so busy going to cafes or visiting museums.

“I feel so empowered traveling alone.

“I’m enjoying every moment.

"I'm hoping I can change the script on solo traveling- so people know they can do whenever and however they want.

"It's already inspired other women to go on their own 'memoons.'

“One day I’ll travel with a partner on our honeymoon but I’m not missing out on things I want to do while I’m waiting to find the right person.”

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