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Watch this 2-year-old tells her mom off after finding her drawing in the trash

She wasn't having it.

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By Leo Black via SWNS

This adorable video shows a two-year-old giving her mum a telling-off after finding one of her drawings in the bin.

Lily Casey confronted her mother after finding her drawing in the recycling.

"It's very rude to put my paper in the bin," Lily can be heard saying to mum Tracey, 36, before placing it onto the table nearby.

Mum Tracey can be heard apologizing as Lily repeats "that's very rude".

Tracey, a personal trainer from Suffolk, said: "She brings drawings back every day from nursery, we keep a couple but most of them get recycled."

"She wasn’t really cross, she just said what she thought and forgot about it after."

The internet immediately fell in love with Lily, with many comparing her to the equally sassy Karen from 'Outnumbered'.

One comment read "Karen from Outnumbered vibes," while another said "bless her heart she reminds me of Karen from Outnumbered."

The footage was filmed on August 27..

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