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Why this mom painted every room in her house pink

"I always feel happy and relaxed in my home."

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

Meet the mom who has painted every room in her house pink - even the outside.

Heather Craig, 35, embarked on her rose-tinted vision five years ago when she moved into the four-bedroomed house with her 42-year-old husband Brian.

Before she started, the walls were dull shades of beige and white, and she set her sights on transforming it into a vibrant abode.

First she had to convince pink-averse husband to get on board - and they started by painting the downstairs toilet a shade of gold and painted the kitchen units pink.

The stunning transformation - plus Pinterest boards - helped persuade him, and now she's painted every single room pink.

Some rooms feature other color highlights, and she uses different shades of her favorite color through the house.

Her kitchen cabinet are pink and her dining room is yellow while her living room is barbie pink.

Daughter Rosie's bedroom is a light, dusky pink and her living room is a painted a joyful, barbie pink paired with antoinette colored kitchen units.

The early years practitioner from Dunfermline, Scotland, says she chose to do it simply because pink is her favorite color, and she hates dull shades.

The mom-of-two calls her interior style "dopamine decor" and having ADHD it is common to have a comfort color.

"I love it- it feels lovely and cheerful," she said.

"I always feel happy and relaxed in my home."

Now every room in Heather’s house is pink and her family had to learn to live with it, even her little girls Rosie, seven, and Olive, five.

“I have always loved pink since I was a little kid," she said.

“For every room, pink is my starting point and then I introduce other colors on top.

“My husband wasn’t persuaded at first, but I told him 'it’s just a light red' and he doesn’t even notice it anymore.”

Heather reformed the white to its former pink 1980s glory.

She was told the house used to be pink and as they started painting it, they could see the remnants of pink below.

Heather insists she loved pink before it came back into fashion with the millennial shade.

“My children roll their eyes at me like mummy’s painting the walls pink again," she said.

“Olive was against all the pink at first, - I think she was trying to rebel.”

She encouraged other DIYers to embrace bright colors and offered tips for going bold.

Controversially, Heather said she would never have a feature wall.

“If it is your favorite color you might as well use it everywhere," she said.

“Those three blank walls are doing nothing, and it looks unfinished.”

The most unusual thing the interior aficionado would never do is paint her ceiling white.

Instead she uses a color called lemon salt - a creamy shade which brings warmth.

“I would never go down a shade - if you love a color stick to it, or even go bolder," she said.

“If you knock it back two or three shades you will get a wishy-washy look."

Follow her interior journey on Instagram.

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