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Airline trolls woman after she complains about window seat

It was barely big enough to look through.



Ryanair's Twitter account's response to Marta Kelly's original tweet. (Marta Kelly via SWNS).


A woman paid Ryanair extra for a window seat only to end up in an emergency exit without a view - AND was trolled by the airline when she jokingly complained.

Marta Kelly, 38, paid around $15 extra for a window seat on the flight from Warsaw, Poland, to Malta for a short vacation with her husband after a business trip.

But she was left giggling when she saw what she got for her money - a seat near the emergency exit, which features a tiny window.

It was barely big enough to look through - and she couldn't see out if from her seat, during the flight on September 10.

She jokingly complained to Ryanair about it on Twitter, sending a photo of the window with the message: "I paid for the window seat."

Amusingly, the airline rep wrote back with a copy of her photo, with a circle around the tiny porthole.

"I loved the extra leg room don’t get me wrong," said Marta, a trader from Limerick, Ireland.

"But thought it was a great opportunity to tweet at Ryanair because they always joke about window seat 11A that has no window at all.

"This was too funny to pass on.

"Love their marketing team and the banter they have.

"I like having a laugh and was hoping they will take it in good humor. And they did. Still laughing at the commotion it caused."

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