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Sheep breaks into Airbnb and leaves them a surprise

"It started approaching us aggressively and then it bolted into the house."



By Alice Clifford via SWNS

A group of friends was shocked when a sheep ended up on their bed at an Airbnb in Wales.

And the animal certainly wasn't sheepish after barging into the home and leaving them a little "present" to clean up.

The group were staying in the Airbnb near Abergavenny for their friend's wedding when the visitor broke in.

"The sheep first came up the driveway and stared at us for like 20 seconds," said Ed Hitchcock, 23, who was staying at the house.

"It started approaching us aggressively and then it bolted into the house.

Sheep on bed at Airbnb.(Ed Hitchcock via SWNS)
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"When we went in we didn't know where it had gone. It was eerily quiet and we couldn't figure out where it was hiding.

"Then we saw that one room door was slightly ajar. I peered around the corner and it was there standing on the bed looking at us.

"My friend eventually plucked up the courage to go to the left of the bed and the sheep came running out and finally made its way out the door as it figured out the escape route.

"It was very surreal and we just didn't know what to do.

"If you lived down there you could probably grab it but for us it was so unexpected, we had no idea what to do."

At the wedding the story quickly rippled throughout the party.

"It was deeply embarrassing, I told the guy whose wedding it was and he told all his family and friends," said the Londoner who works in finance.

"At the wedding all their Welsh friends kept coming up to us to get us to tell the story.

"It was super embarrassing but super memorable."

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