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Two gator attacks reported in Texas in two weeks

Rowers have been advised not to travel upstream in Oyster Creek until the gator has been captured.

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

An alligator left bite marks in a rower's boat as two attacks were reported in the same area in just two weeks.

Eugene Janssen was rowing his carbon fiber, single shell boat in Oyster Creek, Sugar Land, Texas, when the territorial alligator attacked.

He heard the bone-crunching bite as the 'gator clamped its jaws onto the hull and he raced to shore to discover the animal had punctured his boat.

The Greater Houston Rowing Club, a community responsible for rowers in the area, was informed and called the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to send out a trapper to capture and relocate the alligator.

Two similar gator attacks have occurred in the space of two weeks in Oyster Creek, Sugar Land, Texas. (Screenshot via SWNS YouTube)

However, another boat was attacked just days later, suggesting that they may have caught the wrong animal, or that there are multiple aggressive alligators in the area.

The Greater Houston Rowing Club president Dee Connors noted that no similar attack has happened in the last 30 years.

She has been rowing in the area and has strongly advised rowers not to travel upstream in Oyster Creek until the matter is resolved.

The incident occurred in August 2022.

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