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5-year-old set to become youngest amputee to climb mountain

Dad said: “He just wants to climb bigger and bigger all the time."

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By Ellie Forbes via SWNS

A five-year-old is hoping to become the youngest amputee to scale Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, which has a summit at 4,411 feet.

Albie-Junior Thomas had his left foot amputated when he was 15 months old after he was born with fibula hemimelia.

But by the age of two, he was running on his prosthetic and he dreams of one day competing in the Paralympics.

He scaled Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, UK, last November becoming the youngest amputee to complete the climb.

He's now set to climb the Ben Nevis with his dad Daniel Thomas.

Little Albie has been in training with his dad for the hike, which they hope to complete in October.

Proud dad-of-five Daniel, 37, from Wales, UK, said: “Albie will be the youngest amputee to climb Ben Nevis.

Albie and his dad Daniel in training. (Screenshot via SWNS YouTube)

“He said Snowdon was easy so he can’t wait to do Ben Nevis.

“He just wants to climb bigger and bigger all the time so we thought we’ll do the tallest mountain in the UK.

“We do lots of training, he comes to the gym and does laps round the garden.

“He is a very active child, he goes swimming and kickboxing and is really strong for his age.

“Hopefully we can do it in four hours, Albie just plows on ahead when we are out climbing, he is a very determined little boy."

“He is already talking about Everest Base Camp.

“I made a promise to my son when he came out of the theatre after the operation that I would help get him to the Paralympics.

“I just thought why can’t my son go further, nothing can stop him.

"As long as Albie wants to go to the Paralympics, I am going to help him do it.”

Daniel gave up his joinery company and decided to train to become a personal trainer.

He enrolled in college courses and turned his joinery business into a gym and fitness center, all to help his son with his sporting goals.

After taking up running in 2018, last year Daniel ran seven marathons in seven days, and Albie ran the first mile of each one with him.

Daniel said: "Running's his sport. He loves it. We share that passion.

"He'll go in the back garden and train on his own."

They are raising money for Cancer Research UK and a child-support charity that Daniel is creating.

Albie is being cheered on by his siblings Maxwell, 16, Grace, 12, Blake, 11, and Sienna, seven.

Daniel said: "Albie is starting to understand the fundraising and that the money is going to help people.

"We are going to be raising money for two great causes.

To donate visit here.

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