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Mom thought she had toothache shocked to be diagnosed with brain tumor

Now she's bought her new home and is expecting her second child.

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(Emma Webster via SWNS)

By Emma Dunn via SWNS

A mom who thought she had toothache was shocked when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and said she was “ready to plan her funeral.”

Emma Webster, 29, went to the dentist in April 2018 with a toothache.

The mom-of-one was awaiting root canal surgery, so was rushed through to see if that was what was causing her pain.

After the pain didn’t go away, doctors thought she was experiencing neuralgia, a stabbing pain due to an irritated or damaged nerve, and she was treated for it for six months.

But after still struggling with numbness on the top of her mouth, pain and blurred vision she was referred to the neurology department at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Scotland.

Emma in good health and her son Alfie. (Emma Webster via SWNS)

Following an MRI scan, she was given the news that she had a brain tumor behind her right eye.

In March 2019, Emma had an operation to remove 70% of the benign tumor.

She struggled with headaches and problems with balance for the next eight months before the medication finally started to make her feel better.

Now she has yearly scans to check the growth of the tumor, and is expecting a second child in October 2022.

(Emma Webster via SWNS)

Emma, an administrator, from Airdrie, UK, said: “When I found out It didn’t sink in at all.

“I even went back to work, but later that day when I was on the phone I broke down.

“I kept thinking ‘why me? What have I done wrong?’

“I could only think of Alfie and what would happen to him if he lost his mom.

“I was ready to start planning my funeral.

“I can’t believe I’ve now got to the stage I am not always having to be at the hospital but instead we bought our new home, I am getting married in two years, and I’m expecting my second child in eight weeks. I never thought that would be the case back in 2019.”

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