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Husband tears up while listening to love song his wife made for him

You can say his love language is music."

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Qualon Polk song reaction. (Cassandra Polk via SWNS)

By Leo Black via SWNS

This is the heartwarming moment a husband burst into tears when listening to a love song -- made by his wife just for him.

Cassandra Polk, 33, surprised her husband Qualon with a custom-made song where she declared her love during an impromptu family drive.

The video shows Qualon, 33, listening to the music and tearing up as he realizes that the song is about his relationship with Cassandra.

Qualon appears confused at first, as the song describes the way he and Cassandra first met.

But his expression quickly turns to joy as the penny drops and he begins to cry.

Cassandra and Qualon, of Ridgecrest, California, met when they were 15 and 17 and have been together since then.

The couple have three children Calynn 15, Oaklyn ,5, and Jaelyn, three.

Cassandra originally commissioned the song for Father's Day, but upon hearing it she couldn't wait to surprise him with it.

"I was so overwhelmed by the song. I knew I couldn't wait until Father’s Day to give him this gift," said US Department of Defense contractor Cassandra.

Cassandra found the ad for a custom song making service on Instagram and knew it was the perfect gift for Qualon.

"Qualon loves music, and when I saw the ad, I just knew this would be the best gift for him. You can say his love language is music," she said.

Qualon, also a Department of Defense contractor, said: “It reinforced that all my efforts to be a loving husband and father were not lost.

"There were times when I wondered why am I doing this, why am I working so hard.

"They would still love me if I didn’t, but hearing our life in the song makes me want to work harder for more opportunities that could be made song worthy.

"In short, it made me feel like I was getting it right.

"Honestly, I didn’t say much about it later. I told some of my co-workers, but I kept to myself about it. I use it as a reflection song whenever I am doubting myself.”

Cassandra is a great gift-giver, and has showered her husband with gifts in the past, but none have been as impactful as this.

She said: "We have given him a watch, homemade gifts from the kids, breakfast in bed, and a day where it was all about him."

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