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Great white shark fitted with GPS tracker draws self-portrait

"Jaws? More like Draws."


The track - in the shape of a shark - made by Breton the shark. (Ocearch via SWNS)

By Ben Barry via SWNS

A great white shark fitted with GPS tracker drew a 'self-portrait' in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 13ft predator named Breton was the first shark to be tagged during charity OCEARCH's expedition to Nova Scotia in 2020.

Whenever he surfaces for sufficient time, the tag in his dorsal fin 'pings' a GPS location back to shark trackers at the science organization.

The 1,437 lb creature has travelled along the US East Coast off New Jersey, Chincoteague, Virginia and Long Bay, South Carolina.

And his movements have mapped out the shape of a shark, during his 444-day journey.

Breton the shark is tagged by conservation organization Ocearch in Nova Scotia. (Ocearch via SWNS).

Observers on social media said: "Apex predator-level scientist trolling."

Another added: "Jaws? More like Draws."

Breton's location was first tagged on September 12, 2020 at 1 A.M. at Scaterie Island, Nova Scotia.

Recently, Breton has been tagged on September 21, 2022 at 3: 29 A.M. off the coast of Baie de Plaisance, Quebec.

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