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Mom spends over $4,000 on Disney obsession

“I just fell in love with Disney."

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By Emma Dunn via SWNS

A mom has spent £4k ($4,505) on her Disney obsession - and has 260 pairs of socks with the characters on them.

Rebecca Day, 32, started her collection in 2018 after a trip to Disneyland Paris and has filled her house with toys, clothes and home decor from the company- she even has two sock draws dedicated to her obsession.

The mom-of-three can’t resist picking up a new pair of Disney socks every time she visits Primark.

She also collects pop in a box characters - models of toy characters- which she has as decorations around her house and she has over 50 pairs of Disney ears on headbands, which she wears everyday.

Her favorite socks are her Winnie the Pooh ones as he is her favorite character - and also loved by her children.

“I just love all things Disney," said Rebecca, a carer, from Reading, Berkshire, England.

“Every time I go into Primark I have to buy a pair of socks.

“I’m onto my second draw of them now. I have hundreds of pairs.

“I don’t think I’m ever wearing something that isn’t Disney.”

Rebecca started collecting socks and toys after her trip to Disneyland Paris in September 2018 and now has 260 pairs.

“I just fell in love with Disney. It’s so magical,” she said.

“I wear my socks all the time.

“My little girl Ava-Rose, eight, steals them from me too.”

Rebecca - who is also mom to Keira, 13 and Riley, 10 - added: "My children all love Disney.

"Keira went through a phase of being a bit embarrassed by it all but now she'll happily put her Disney pajamas on.

“We watch Disney films together and I am slowly decorating the house with Disney bits and bobs - like cushions and mugs.

“But it’s tasteful - apart from my bedroom which is Disney head-to-toe with a Mickey duvet and toys everywhere.”

Rebecca has plans to grow her collection and has now visited Pooh Corner, Hartfield, East Sussex - a Winnie the Pooh themed tea room.

“I love it. It makes me happy," she said.

“Luckily my house is big enough for all my Disney stuff.

“I even had a Disney Christmas tree this year.”

Cost of Disney obsession:

  • One trip to Disneyland Paris: £1.4k ($1,577)
  • 260 pairs of socks: £2.50 ($2.82) for three
  • 80 pop in a box : £10 ($11.26) each - 800 in total
  • One bag: £600 ($675)
  • 50 Disney ear headbands: £10 ($11.26) each
  • Pandora Disney items : £45-90 ($50- $101)
  • Total - £3,850 ($4,336)

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