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Floridians line up for 3 hours for sandbags as Hurricane Ian looms

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

Thousands of Florida residents have been seen lining up desperately for sandbags as they prepare for the landfall of Hurricane Ian.

Some were reported to have waited for at least "three hours" in the lines as some areas were under a mandatory evacuation.

Footage from Apollo Beach, Sarasota and St. Petersburg show the extent of the traffic lines with unmoving lines stretching back for miles.

One filmer said: "Waited 3 hours to get 10 sand bags. We’re under mandatory evacuation in Apollo Beach."

Another tweeted: "All of us are exhausted already and it hasn't even begun."

Hurricane Ian has been deemed a Category 1 hurricane and has already made landfall in the Cayman Islands and is expected to arrive this week after it made landfall in Cuba late Monday.

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