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Ducks spotted swimming in flooded backyards in Florida

"Waters continue to rise. Streets are impassible all around me."

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

Flooding is so severe in Orlando, Florida that ducks were filmed swimming through people's yards.

A deluge of water continues to hit Florida after Hurricane Ian swept through much of the state bringing torrential rain, high-speed winds and stormy weather.

One Orlando resident completely surrounded by water spotted a pair of ducks swimming in his backyard.

The resident tweeted: "Hurricane Ian update at 11:00 am in East #orlando … ducks in backyard.

"Waters continue to rise. Streets are impassible all around me."

"East #orlando the alleys between houses and roads are all flooded and impassable."

Additional footage shows one Kissimmee resident's backyard with their whole decking underwater.

They said: "My deck and boat ramp is underwater. Higher water level and strong current at Shingle Creek in Kissimmee."

President Biden declared the situation in Florida a major disaster while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis confirmed two million people were without power.

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