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Orphaned flamingo chicks take daily walks with their keeper

"There's three of them in total, but one is not old enough to join them just yet."


(Photo by Anita Maric via SWNS)


Orphaned flamingo chicks are being taken out for daily walks by their keeper - to help strengthen their legs.

The baby birds are given a stroll by bird keeper Isobel Wright, 25, at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Isobel takes the flamingos out for exercise two to three times a day as it is good for their development.

A spokesperson said: ''Issy is hand-rearing the flamingo chicks after they were abandoned by their parents.

''Issy and the bird team have been hand-feeding them and Issy takes them for exercises a few times a day to strengthen and develop their legs.

''Issy is one of our tallest keepers so it looks adorable when they follow her around.''

Isobel, who has worked at the wildlife park for six years, said: "There's three of them in total, but one is not old enough to join them just yet.

"I look after all the waterfowl at the park so it's my job to take care of them.

"For some of the pairs it would have been their first time rearing a chick, and others it has been a while, so it's best to take them away and do it ourselves."

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