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Watch this cute penguin chase a shadow

The penguin delightfully chased a shadow from a visitor to a zoo.



By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

This adorable video shows a penguin delightfully chasing a hand shadow made by a visitor at a German zoo.

Pascal Fritenwanker, 33, was visiting the Tierpark Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany, with his girlfriend when he captured the heart-warming video.

The penguin can be seen following the shadow of Pascal’s sunglasses multiple times, looking around confused when he stops and excitedly chasing it once it spots it again.

Pascal, from Saalfeld, Germany, said they both thought the experience was very sweet and they loved interacting with the animal.

He said: “First the penguin was intrigued by and started following the shadow of my head, then I waved my sunglasses and it really liked that.

“It was interacting with me and my shadows for several minutes before hopping away. It was all so amusing!”

This video was filmed on 27th April.

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