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Watch this goat sing on bleat with cathedral organ

Pablo the goat sent churchgoers into hysterics after he appeared to ‘bleat’ along to the organ music.



By Sophie Watson via SWNS

Hilarious footage of a GOAT singing during an animal blessing service has gone viral with more than two million hits worldwide.

Pablo the goat sent churchgoers into hysterics after he appeared to "bleat" along to the organ music.

Worcester Cathedral held a special animal blessing service last week and filmed it on TikTok.

The short clip of Pablo quickly went viral with more than two million people viewing and sharing the video worldwide.

Worcester Cathedral said: “We think Pablo the goat enjoyed the Animal Blessing Service.”

The service will also be broadcast on BBC’s Songs of Praise next month.

In the video comments, users showed their support for Pablo’s unique performance.

One user wrote: “Get Pablo into the choir although he sounds more like Billy (goat) Graham to me!"

Another said: “Don’t hush him, he is giving his testimony and I want to hear it. He should be on Britain's Goat Talent next year."

John Bravo joked: “No kidding, Pablo’s singing ain’t half baaaad!”

Another added: “Pablo for little baby Jesus in the nativity this year.”

Pablo attended the animal blessing service along with two alpacas from Attwell Farm park in Redditch, Worcs.

The 30-minute ceremony takes place every year in September and is a service used to celebrate ‘All creatures Great and Small’.

This year, the service, led by Gogglebox star Rev Kate Bottley, was filmed for to be featured on an episode of BBC Songs of Praise.

Sarah Bower, spokeperson for Worcester Cathedral, said: “Pablo really enjoyed himself. He was very vocal.

“The video response has been very positive. People have just found it hilarious.

“Lots of people have commented on the looks the animals were giving him in the video too.

“It’s our most like video on our TikTok account.

“It was Pablo’s first visit to the animal blessing ceremony, and we’ll certainly be inviting him back again without a doubt.

“We had a really good turnout at the blessing ceremony this year – it was a full house."

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