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Artist covers his ENTIRE house in doodles

"A lot of people say the rooms would give them a headache."

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By Chantal Weller and Alice Clifford via SWNS

This artist has taken two years to fill his house with doodles.

Sam Cox, 26, a.k.a. Mr. Doodle, bought the house in December 2019 and got started on his creative vision two months later.

To start he renovated the space to create a completely white canvas.

In September 2020 the doodling began and it didn't stop until every empty space was covered in an array of black and white designs.

Almost everything in the house is hand-drawn, including his computer mouse, keyboard, teapot, toaster and power outlets.

He said: "There are only a few things which we had to get printed like the bedsheets, because we had to make sure they were washable, also the shower curtains and the towels.

"Ninety-nine percent of the stuff is hand-doodled, which is really important to me."

He added: "I wanted the house to be black and white.

"I feel like it has more of an impact and it's more of my signature style."

Each room has a different theme depending on its purpose. From the floors and walls to the plates and cups. The kitchen is covered in doodles of food, including lots of burgers.

The house's "thinking room" is filled with clouds and a huge armchair in the center, while the bedroom is covered with sleepy characters.

"In the hallway, there are two of every animal and Pacman characters," said the artist, who has more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

"All of them are chasing coins so I came up with the name Noah's Arcade.

"It wasn't too difficult to think of themes for each room as I'd been thinking about it since I was a teenager.

"I'd had years of looking at houses and thinking what I could do in each room.

"When this house went on the market I was instantly drawn to it and I thought about how I could separate each space and create a theme for each room.

"It was a fun process."

"A lot of people say the rooms would give them a headache or it would be too much for them."

"For me, it's really relaxing looking at a room full of doodles and it's really satisfying."

Mr. Doodle's home is in Ashford, UK, his hometown.

He said: "It's really cool to be able to do this house in the town where I've lived all my life."

"I've grown up here and my family is from here.

"It's a lovely place to live and a real pleasure to be able to create an art installation in the town I am most happy in.

"It's great, and I hope that people enjoy seeing it and maybe one day we can welcome people to look around it, but let's watch this space."

He admits he was worried his designs might not be appreciated by his neighbors but says they were "really excited" to see the final work.

He added: "I'm really happy about this because I was worried when I moved here that we might fall out with neighbors because they wouldn't want me to be doodling all over the house, but the response has been quite positive."

He got his nickname Mr. Doodle from a tutor at university after he went to class in a fully doodled outfit.

He said: "My tutor took a photo of me and put it on social media, calling me Doodle Man.

"I used the name for a few years and then shortened it down to Mr. Doodle, and have been going by that name since 2017."

Sam is hoping to move into the home in the next few weeks and says it will be interesting to see what it is like to live in.

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