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Doorbell cam captures joyful moment woman and missing cat are reunited

"We were so glad to know he was safe."

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

Watch the emotional moment a woman was reunited with her cat.

Roxy Heinhorst, from Illinois, is seen crying and jumping for joy when her runaway moggy wandered back to the house.

Five-year-old domestic short hair Oliver managed to sneak out while they were rushing out of the door to get to work.

After they returned from work they realized he'd gone by watching their doorbell camera footage from earlier that morning.

Panic ensued and they immediately went out searching for Oliver.

After coming home from the search they left Oliver's favorite blanket on the porch and lo and behold he appeared out of nowhere.

Roxy Heinhorst at the moment she was reunited with her cat Oliver. (Screenshot via Daily Motion/ SWNS)

Oliver, who had never left the home before, was lost for over 12 hours.

Footage shows the heartwarming moment owner Roxy realizes Oliver had returned and gives him a huge hug while bouncing ecstatically.

Roxy's husband Drake said: "We had just returned home after searching the neighborhood for a couple of hours.

"We were so glad to know he was safe as we live near a busy highway and also our neighborhood has had coyote issues before."

Since this escape incident, the couple will be more vigilant and hopefully, Oliver will behave himself.

Drake said: "We have a screened-in patio that he loves spending the days on to get some fresh air so we hope he will stay content with that.

"We will definitely be keeping a close eye on him."

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