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Why this teen vowed to swim in the sea wearing fancy outfit every month for a year

"I'm hoping that fellow beach lovers will be inspired to come along."

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Thomas Bond taking a dip in his school uniform. (Marc Astley via SWNS)

By Athena Stavrou via SWNS

A teenager has vowed to swim in the sea every month for an entire year in a different fancy outfit to help save the ocean.

Thomas Bond, 13, has taken on the challenge after growing concerned about pollution, plastic waste and endangered sea creatures.

His unique mission will raise money for Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity promoting the health and cleanliness of the ocean.

His challenge began on Saturday, September 24, when he took a dip in his school uniform.

"I decided I couldn't just sit there and do nothing," Thomas said.

"I wanted to raise money but have some fun at the same time and, after speaking to my family, came up with the idea of the fancy dress challenge.

"It went well although I didn't realize how much my blazer would weigh me down as I swam."

Thomas Bond taking a dip in his school uniform. (Marc Astley via SWNS)
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Thomas' friends and family joined him for the first of his 12 swims, which will see him brave freezing water temperatures in the winter months.

"I chose September to ease myself into things as the sea is still relatively warm," he said.

"I have been swimming in the winter before but always in a thick wetsuit. All I will be wearing during the challenge will be the fancy dress outfit I have chosen.

"I'm hoping that fellow beach lovers will be inspired to come along and I will be posting the dates of my dips on my Just Giving and Twitter pages."

His next swim will be on October 24 where he'll be facing the tides in a Halloween outfit.

"We are delighted that Thomas has chosen the Ocean Conservation Trust as his charity to fundraise for," said Nicola Bridge, Head of Ocean Advocacy and Engagement, at the Ocean Conservation Trust.

"We know that experiencing the ocean first hand, whilst having a fun time, provides the foundation for caring about the ocean and taking action to protect it,

"So it's great that Thomas shares our ethos and is immersing himself in the ocean. We hope Thomas can inspire others to connect with the ocean too."

You can find out more about Thomas' pledge and to donate to his fundraiser here.

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