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Emotional moment expectant mom reveals baby named after friend’s late husband

There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

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By Charlotte Penketh-King via SWNS

An expectant mom reduced her friend to tears after revealing her baby will be named after her pal's late husband.

Kirri Ord, 29, was celebrating her baby shower last Sunday, October 2, with her loved ones at seven months pregnant when she surprised her guests with a game of Pass the Parcel.

Unbeknownst to her close friend of five years, Suzanne Hilton, 68, the expectant mom had planned for her to do the final unwrapping.

Kirri hid a very special present hidden inside to be discovered by Suzanne, who is known as Sue.

A beautiful video, filmed by Kirri's step-sister Sammie Buck, 21, captured the moment Sue unwrapped a framed piece of card with the name of Kirri's baby printed on.

Kirri and her fiance Dylan Newton, 25, had decided to call their baby Hudson Lindsay Newton after Sue's late husband, Lindsay Hilton who died at 49 from a heart attack

The sweet video shows Sue bursting into tears at the beautiful tribute with guests racing to comfort her with hugs and tissues.

Beauty therapist Kirri, who is due to give birth on November 19 and lives in Werribee, Victoria, Australia with mobile plant technician Dylan, said: "Sue has been an extremely supportive and important part of our lives for the past few years.

"After our unfortunate loss of two pregnancies, she was such a strong support person.

"Both myself and Dylan had given up on a child together, and just never thought it would happen.

"She has helped us through some financial problems and has accepted my son Mason, seven, as her own grandchild, and became family to all of us.

"Being so much younger than Sue, we struggle to show our appreciation, so Dylan suggested that we choose Lindsay as baby Hudson's middle name to show our love and appreciation to her.

"We have both admired her love for Lindsay and her commitment to him, even though he passed so long ago.

"The whole day of the baby shower, I was uncontrollably emotional.

"I never thought I’d have the chance to share the excitement of another baby with my loved ones after losing the last two pregnancies.

"I was overwhelmed with her response when she unwrapped the frame and read the text. I lost control and couldn’t stop crying.

"We were both so happy that she was happy and was happy with our decision to name him after Lindsay."

Kirri's step-sister, retail assistant Sammie, who filmed the special moment, said: "I thought it was the most amazing thing to witness!

"Sue is a very stubborn, tough woman so to see this soft, teddy bear side of her where her true colors could shine through was amazing!

"I’ve never ever witnessed Sue become emotional but I could definitely tell that her husband meant the absolute world to her.

"There wasn’t a single dry eye in the room, especially Kirri.

"This meant the world, not only to Sue, but to Kirri, and you could tell by the way their emotional reactions bounced off each other.

"We were all crying over it for ages! It was so amazing.

"Kirri and Dylan both made the best decision. Sue had done so much for their family and will always be known as “Aunty Sue” despite no real relation, and for Kirri and Dylan to honor that was so wholesome."

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