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Moving moment Ukrainian woman reunites with dog who went missing after Russian onslaught

"When the old lady saw him, she started welling up."

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(K9 Global Rescue via TMX/SWNS)

By Barney Riley via SWNS

A woman in Kherson, Ukraine, burst into tears after being reunited with her beloved dog after it went missing during the recent shelling of the city by Russian forces.

Terrified Jack, who ran for cover when the shelling started, was missing for around a month before being rescued by a group of veterans spearheading a mission to save dogs from inhumane treatment worldwide.

Volunteers from the K9 Global Rescue group captured the moment on camera while handing out pet food and rounding up lost animals.

One volunteer said: "As I showed her the animals up front she was saying that there were many lost animals in the village just wandering around who had lost their homes.

"When I opened up the back doors, she gasped, took a step back, and said 'JACK??'

(K9 Global Rescue via TMX/SWNS)

"She went back into the house to go get the older lady and bring her outside to see the dogs.

"When the old lady saw him, she started welling up."

Jack was released from the cage in the vehicle and his owner breaks down in tears.

The pooch was missing for around a month since the Russian shelling was at its peak.

(K9 Global Rescue via TMX/SWNS)

K9 Global Rescue said: "Although we had never met and spoke two completely different languages, it was clear that we fully understood each other.

“Knowing that we were able to bring a lost soul home to their family is so gratifying.”

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