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Camera catches clever pooch rearranging furniture at night

"She must have thought to herself, 'hey, this bed would be even better if it was a double.'"

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By Amy Reast via SWNS

Dog owners were shocked when CCTV showed their clever pooch rearranging the furniture in the middle of the night - to make herself a perfect comfy double bed.

Yvonne and David Gallop heard noises downstairs one night after putting greyhound Polly to bed in the lounge - and in the morning they saw why.

After checking CCTV, the family, from Northampton, East Midlands, England realized the clever pup had decided one dog bed wasn't enough - and she wanted two.

The footage, from October 3, showed seven-year-old Polly dragging together two dog beds from opposite sides of the room.

Polly perfectly aligned them to form one double bed - and was then spotted curling up on her new big bed for a snooze.

Yvonne, 63, and David, 66, couldn't believe it when they spotted the footage - and realized their dog was even smarter than they thought.

"When we were upstairs, we could hear some scratching - so I checked the live camera on my phone," Yvonne said.

"I could see Polly asleep on both beds - and I assumed David had put them together before he went to bed.

"When I saw the webcam footage the next day I couldn't believe she'd done it herself.

"The way she did it and lined them up so perfectly - I'd never have even thought she could do that herself.

"She must have thought to herself, 'hey, this bed would be even better if it was a double'.

"We knew she was clever already but that, to me, was next-level clever - we're so proud of her."

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