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Mom explains why she waxes her three-year-old’s monobrow

“Our job is to stop them from experiencing pain.”

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

A Texas mom has defended waxing her three-year-old's 'monobrow' so she "doesn’t get bullied at pre-school."

Leah Garcia, 31, caused controversy after uploading a video of her waxing her daughter Bliss’ 'fluffy eyebrows' to social media.

The mom-of-two revealed that her little girl "asked her to do it" after watching her wax the eyebrows of her older sister, Behautti, 11.

Leah doesn’t want her daughters to be bullied in the same way she was growing up and says she would stop waxing the tot if she asked her to.

Leah, a realtor, from Plainview, Texas, said: “When I was 10, I took my monobrow into my own hands because I was severely bullied over it from the age of five.

Mom Lydia says she is protecting her daughter from bullies by removing the unibrow. (Screenshot via SWNS YouTube)

“I remember adults pointing it out and I will never forget in year four when a boy asked: 'Why are your eyebrows so big?'

“I shaved it and there was a very large gap - my parents had no choice but to take me to the beauty salon to get it sorted."

Leah says her parents believed she shouldn’t touch her hair and they encouraged her to love herself.

Although they instilled her with the confidence to take on the world and overcome bullying, no amount of positive affirmation changed the way she felt about her insecurity.

“I felt so good when I was waxed for the first time," she said.

“I’m simply preventing Bliss from being the target of bullies until she’s old enough to stand up for who she is."

“I have all the best intentions for doing this - it is ridiculous to think it would be for my own personal vanity.

“Our job is to stop them from experiencing pain.”

Leah revealed she started waxing her eldest’s eyebrows at the same age, but when she was eight, she wanted her to stop waxing her - so she did.

The following year she asked her mom to remove her monobrow again.

Leah added: “I would never do something they didn’t want me to do - it’s not enforced.

“There are tears every day when I brush her hair, but she doesn’t care when I wax her.”

Leah doesn’t wax any other area of her daughter’s body and only waxes the center of her eyebrows - not the bottom or the top.

She added: “Very few people in this world want to grow out their monobrow.

“People have sent me photos of an international model with a unibrow, but the world is a very different place for supermodels.

“I’m waxing a quarter inch of hair and it’s a simple way of protecting her.”

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