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Woman dons high heels and plays tennis all while surfing

Another clip shows her sipping coffee while reading a magazine and surfing.

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By Sophie Norris via SWNS

This gravity-defying woman has stunned fans by donning HIGH HEELS, playing tennis and even sipping coffee as she reads a magazine - all while SURFING.

Cassandra Lee only started wakesurfing two years ago after enjoying water sports with her family for most of her childhood.

But the 29-year-old claims she was soon looking for her next challenge with friends suggesting she "do something funny" on the board.

Eager to wow her pals, Cassandra then mastered wakesurfing while hitting a tennis ball on Stave Lake in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, while another clip shows her sipping coffee while reading a magazine.

In another jaw-dropping video, the counsellor can even be seen effortlessly riding the waves in high heels.

Cassandra, from Vancouver, Canada, said: "I've been surfing for about eight years.

"My family has always been very active and outdoorsy. We've always gone out on the boat and we started water-skiing.

"I used to wakeboard and a couple of years ago I heard about wakesurfing.

"My friend said I should do something funny so I flew a kite and drank mugs of coffee [on the board] and I realized it was fun. I enjoyed making the silly videos.

"One day my friends were talking about things I could do and I wondered if I could do it in heels.

"It was actually fine. I got out, got going and I was surprised.

"I can't go for as long in heels. It's definitely harder because your balance is thrown off.

"After I did that, people have been giving me a bunch of other ideas."

Cassandra claims she is always thinking of the next stunt - even hinting a wedding day surf shoot might be on the cards.

"In the video, I'm moving with the wave and we're just going really slow. We're going 5 km/h or 8km/h max," she said.

"My dad's usually driving the boat, then it's my boyfriend, mum and brother helping me. We pretty much go out as a family.

"I think they were surprised when I managed [the heels trick]. They thought it was kind of cool.

"They're super supportive and try to help with different ideas, while filming the videos and cheering me on.

"I don't know what's coming next - it's hard to come up with different ideas.

"Hopefully next year my boyfriend and I will actually be engaged and getting married and I'll be able to do a wedding shoot in my wedding dress with him in his suit."

Despite making each trick look effortless, Cassandra claims some viewers were concerned she might drown in heels - though she has rushed to assure them she can 'handle' it.

"The reaction online is very varied. Some people think it's really cool, others think it's very dumb and that if I fall in heels I won't be able to swim," she said.

"Obviously safety precautions are in place and I make sure I can swim in heels. I don't do any tricks I don't think I can handle.

"Others are challenging their friends to try it too.

"There's a rope tied to the boat which I use to get up. Once I'm up, I throw the rope into the boat.

"Because you're going so slow during wake surfing, it's just like falling into waves. It's really easy on your body and doesn't hurt if you fall."

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