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Boy shocks parents when he manages to cover half his face in school photo

"We always knew he never liked his photo being taken," his mom said.

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Robbie Ross. (Tempest Photography via SWNS)

By Amy Reast via SWNS

A little boy who "doesn't like getting his picture taken" shocked his parents when he managed to cover half his face in his school photo.

Robbie Ross, 12, managed to get away with not being pictured fully in his school picture for the year - by covering his face with his hand.

Zoe Ross and Robbie Ross. (Zoe Ross via SWNS)

The little lad, from Clermiston, Edinburgh, Scotland covered his face in the official portrait - and somehow it was never spotted.

When the samples arrived on Thursdaym October 13, mom Zoe Ross, 40, got a shock when the only photo available to buy concealed his face.

Luckily Zoe, a bar worker, saw the funny side and purchased the image anyway - vowing to put it on his 18th birthday cake.

"I forgot it had even been photo day until I received the previews," she said.

"I burst out laughing as soon as saw it - everyone in the family was laughing.

"I was thinking at the start 'oh no, this is his first year photo, what has he done?'

"But we always knew he never liked his photo being taken - so now I'm just seeing it as one to keep.

"He likes to be funny and random - he's very confident and he's always been like that!"

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